Meet Our Trainers

Heather D. McFall CH, CI has been in practice since 2003. She is certified as a hypnotist and trainer through the National Guild of Hypnotists and and now trains hypnotists for the Master Hypnotists Society as well as mentors existing hypnotists. Heather has an adamant dedication to forwarding the hypnosis profession and the ethics within that profession. She has since graduated a handful of new hypnotists into the field.

Heather Merrill, McFall CH, CI hosted the radio show “Heather The Hypnotist” on WDOX in 2008, publicly discussing hypnosis and answering questions to the Triangle listeners weekly on Saturday mornings following “Dr.Laura”.  Traveling the country teaching motivation and confidence building directly and through comedy has given her an incredible understanding of human nature.  Available for public speaking engagements and proven to entertain public as well as colleague hypnotists she is asked to speak or provide training regularly.

Heather has owned private practices in Chester, VA she also worked for the American Hypnosis Clinic, hiring, advising and consulting with 200 hypnotists across the country until 2007. She, is now in her own private practice again, teaching her clients how to change beliefs and behaviors to further themselves in life from her office in Raleigh, NC since January 2008. Heather believes in accountability from her clients and in turn shows her accountability with a service guarantee and a steady collection of client testimonials to insure that her standards of practice are maintained and improved. Heather D Merrill, CH, CI Founder of Raleigh Hypnosis, is a Trainer of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Communication Skills.  She also serves on the board of the Personal Success Foundation, an organization commited to providing superior training and professional standards for the change work profession. The benefits of learning these techniques are: Better communication Increased productivity, Moral improvement, Relationship enhancement Stress reduction Elimination of fear and Achieving at ones true potential Are you ready to use hypnosis to help achieve your personal goals?

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